1/2 size, travel zine

proof_i_existReally, “zine review” is a strong a title for this. I’m not interested in critiquing other people’s work, at least not when they’re zines. But I’m happy to tell you about it! A punk rock star named Billy mailed me his zine a few weeks ago, and I finally read it today while riding the subway around manhattan. I don’t ordinarily read punk travel zines, mainly because if I don’t know the band I don’t tend to find it interesting. But I didn’t need to know the band to appreciate this little slice of life description of touring on the road. Billy is inspired by Faulkner’s Travels With Charley, and indeed, Billy provides little snapshots of what life is like in various cities the band passes through. My favorite aspect is that he reviews quirky comic/zine stores, like Atomic Books in Baltimore and Desert Island in Brooklyn. Any punk rocker who gets hung up on literary DIY shops is on my wavelength. He also tells stories about each of his bandmates as they land in different cities, so you get to know the whole tribe a bit. While reading this zine I felt reminded of why I love zines. It’s just so fascinating to me that we have this tradition–that people type up their stories and photocopy them for cheap so others can learn about random parts of people’s lives. It’s just so random and cool. Thanks for sending it along, Billy!

Get your own copy: HERE

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