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Returning to zines after a 7-year hiatus, Hannah shares her experiences with mental health issues through a positive lens of self-care and embracing imperfection. This issue explores depression and anxiety, alcoholism, disordered eating, PMS, and SAD. She also writes about queerness, nutrition, feminism, and her love of microbes. Over 32 pages, this text-heavy zine takes you from a floral loveseat in Texas to the NYC Dyke March, by way of the Wood Where Things Have No Name.
Small Magic, Issue 1. 1/2 size. $3
The author, A.E.H., has lived in New York City for 15 years! A.E.H. travels through the city telling stories about what different places/spaces evoke, and the stories unfold chronologically from the time they moved here in 2003 to the present day. The stories are funny, cringe-worthy, sad, triumphant--well, it's been a full life. Lots of collages. Enjoy!
Maps in My Mind, 1/4 legal size. $3
This issue is all about privacy and persona, told through the larger lens of gender identity, and how gender ID affects the author’s online representation (and vice versa). It’s a meditation on zine pen names, facebook, generation 2.0, online distro sales, and more. The final segment explores gender directly through a conversation with a friend, and how nuances in everyday conversation intersect with how the author sees h/erself.
ALEX, Issue 9. 1/4 size. $3
In this issue, A.E.H. tackles the general theme of “how to make your life” through essays on Work Positivity, the Drama of Living in New York City, Carrie Brownstein’s memoir, and the New Domestic (ie DIY at home). Color cover, quirky backgrounds, the usual!
ALEX, Issue 8. 1/4 size. $3
ANXIETY toolkit is a one-off zine A.E.H. made in 48 hours specifically for the Brooklyn Zine Fest 2014. It's a list of 15 tools one can use to de-escalate anxiety (along with descriptions of how/why these tools work for the author).
Anxiety Toolkit. 1/4 size. $3