Hey folks! I’ve decided to merge my worlds a little and include essays and fiction that I’ve published here on my distro website. Some of these essays are ones I initially took a stab at in one of my zines and then polished for the lit journals of the world… so if you’d like to read more, here you go:


“letter #9” Loss Letters, web.

How Frightening, How Fierce: Reflections on the March for Marc Carson,” Her Kind (VIDA), June 2013. Web.

Mowing the Lawn, Thinking About God,” Her Kind (VIDA), March 2013. Web.

You’re Like This and I’m Like,PANK, 7.12 (2012). Web.

Red Wine Stains,” Box of Jars, Vol. 3 (2012). Web.

On Bike Rides and Gender Ambiguity,” Anthem, November, 2012. Web.

The Penis Book,Drunken Boat, August, 2011. Web.

Open Letter to the New Yorker,” Ms. Magazine Blog, January 3, 2011. Web.

“Which Stay, Which Fail,” Swink, 2.11 (2011). Web.

Famously Reclusive,” Brooklyn Rail, October, 2010. 83-85. Print. (Featured fiction.)